REI – Day in the light

Director : Janssen Powers DP : Olaniyi Kolade Production Company : Farm League (USA) Agency : 72 and Sunny Shot in Chile

Amex – Groceries

Director : Alex Ogus DP : Javier Julia Production Company : Company Films (USA) Agency : Dentsu Shot in Argentina

Renault Zoe Revolution

Director : Martin Werner DP : Sebastian Blenkov Production Company : Henry (France) Agency : Publicis Shot in Uruguay

Nature´s Bounty

Director : Phillip Montgomery DP : Justin Gunari Production Company : Farm League (USA) Agency : Doner Shot in Mexico

Doordash – Holiday

Director: Jimmy Marble DP: Simon Duggan Production Company: Society (USA) Producer: Fernando Morillo Shot in Mexico

Acqua di Gio Profondo

Director: Patrick Pierini DP: Sylvestre Dedise Agency: Publicis Luxe (Paris) Shot in Chile & Mexico

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