Paula TrujilloBIDDING PRODUCER CHILE+56 9 6155 1433

She started her academic life studying Environmental Chemistry at Universidad de Chile, but after a life-changing trip to Europe she decided to move her life-direction into Art. In 2004 won a scholarship at Universidad del Desarrollo, where she graduated with honors from Film Studies, having also won a scholarship to study abroad at Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana, in Mexico City. 

Her professional life starts in the world of movies and short films in the art department, participating in some Festival awarded films, such as Volantin Cortao, in which she was the Art Director, but a few years later she felt in love with “the production life”, therefore she started working in advertising as a PA and growing fast to Production Manager in local ads. Because of her professionalism and excellent English level, she moves into Service Productions, being a Production Coordinator since then (circa 2016), standing out for her vibrant personality, professionalism and creativity.

Energetic and passionate about human relationships, Paula is a person that is always eager to keep learning and growing, having also several diplomas and a UX Design Post-grade in Laboratoria, making her being involved into many IT projects & mentoring, and also leveraging her skills and knowledge to give the best real life experiences to our clients and crew in all the projects she is involved. 

Paula has work for the biggest brands of the world in a wide specter of projects, embracing each production from its own needs, and contributing to them with leadership, fellowship and excellence, looking for bright results & life experiences that remain in the heart.