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Born in Buenos Aires, Mariana moved to London in her late teens, where she studied Production Design and SFX Make-Up and began working in the advertising and film industry. In 2007, following a surge in the service industry in Argentina, she decided to try production services in her hometown, Buenos Aires, where she had the opportunity to work with the most talented and award-winning Directors from the US and Europe. 
Curious and creative by nature, in 2016, Mariana realised there was an opportunity to help develop Chile’s production service and elevate the industry to international standards and set off for a New Business adventure, creating Chile’s first online location company, Unknown Locations. 
Her passion for Spatial Design, architecture brought her back to London, and she has since been working as New Business Developer and as a Production Designer. Her strength lies in finding cost-effective ideas and locations to fulfil the needs of the most demanding creative briefs.